Monday November 16, 2009 14:38

Kim Kardashian and Ray J Tape

The complete uncut version of the Kim Kardashian Ray J sex tape has been released – and you can only find it from Vivid.  You do not want to miss this extremely hot tape – there is plenty of hot and heavy action.  This is no grainy, disappointing leaked celebrity tape, it’s the real deal, and it was never meant for your eyes!


Sunday July 25, 2010 21:09

Kim Kardashian’s Curvy Ass

Kim Kardashian has one of the curviest asses to be seen in Hollywood, and honestly it’s a sight to behold… the Armenian goddess has the booty men only dream of, and it is often on display in her ridiculous bikini’s and, well, leaked sex tapes. Enjoy the latest Kim Kardashian booty photos!

Kim Kardashian in tiny bikini

Kim Kardashian in a tiny bikini

Friday November 20, 2009 13:05


kim k ray jKimKardashian is the famous daughter of Robert Kardashian, the attorney for OJ Simpson.  Kim came to fame while hanging out our other sex tape diva, Paris Hilton.  Kim is now in the spotlight for her hit show Keeping Up With the Kardashian’s.  Her name became a household gossip source when a sex tape featuring KimKardashian and Ray J surfaced on the internet.  The sextape shows the couple in what looks like a hotel room getting down and dirty.  It’s perhaps the most revealing celebrity tape out there, with KimKaradashian’s booty bouncing everywhere!


The tape is almost 60 minutes long and Vivid recently released the completely unedited version, Kim K Superstar Uncut.  You definitely do not want to miss seeing Kim work Ray J over and vice versa.  It’s hot steamy action that you definitely do not want to miss. Lucky for us, the KimKardashian tape was recorded with a high quality camera; there is no usual grainy and hard to see action like other recent celeb tapes.

Watch the leaked tape – click here

Monday November 16, 2009 14:34

Kim Kardashian Ray J Leaked

Kim Kardashian and Ray J once had a fling, and we are the lucky recipients of a private sex tape released by Ray J.  The tape is called Kim K Superstar Uncut, and was released by Vivid.  It’s over an hour long, and is taken while the duo were on vacation.  You have to see it to believe how hot the video tape is, you’ve never seen this much of Kim! Here is a recording of Kim leaving Ray J a message after he leaked the tape; you can tell she is not happy!

Monday November 16, 2009 14:29

Paris Hilton Jealous of Kim Kardashian?

It looks like Paris Hilton may be getting jealous of Kim Kardashian… Kim got her started hanging out with the starlet that once commanded 100k for club appearances.   With the Kardashian fame building on E!, Paris better get to work getting her name out there again.  Perhaps another tape?

Friday October 30, 2009 20:04

Kim Kardashian and Reggie House Hunting

After an extended break over the summer, Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush have big news… they’re searching for a new home to cohabitate! Kim put up her 1.1 million house, and Reggie also listed his 5.1 million residence. Hopefully they can find something super nice!